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Thundarr The Barbarian with his Sun Sword!
Rachel Ticotin in Con Air!
The reaper vampires are vicious killing machines in Blade 2!
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Eddie Furlong in Terminator 2!
B P Richfield trippin on Happy Plant on Jim Henson's Dinosaurs
As is a giant list of everything cool, not everything fits into the other sections. The Vault is going to be the spot that's a bit different from the rest of the site. I'll still try to come up with pictures, but a lot of these are just going to be links too. If you know something cool that should go here, post it here and I'll take a look. And don't forget to check out all the other sections of this huge site, everything's linked at the top of the page!

StumbleUpon I found this through my visitor logs. Somebody added the site to the StumbleUpon database. I had to check it out and it's totally changed the way I see the web! I've found wonders every day using it. I't basically a web page randomizer. You click the button and it takes you to a site in their list. And the list is made of everyone's favorite stuff. It's a way to find cool stuff that you'd never think to search for! If you do anything today, install the StumbleUpon toolbar and see for yourself!
Zoomquilt Screensaver absolutely the coolest thing I've seen in years!!! Get this and worship it as I do! I need to learn how to make one! It's a totally interactive fantasy painting that you can zoom into and back out of. You have to see it to believe it!
Chris Hendren's Night Sky Photography An awesome gallery of mind blowing night sky photography!
The World's Tallest Virtual Building!!! I honestly never knew there was cool stuff like this out there. Visitors contributed art for floors of a building. You'll never believe the size and coolness of this thing!! I'm seriously thinking of doing a project like that here at the site sometime. Maybe a street or cemetery or something. I don't use word processing programs, and I use a very simple [but cool!] html editor. So some things are bound to be mispelled here and there. But if I want to check something, is perfect!

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